Sunday, July 1, 2012

 My teaching partner - Noah - catching a nap on the beach. Wish I could do that!
 Walking to the beach - still perplexed at the condition of the buildings and roads - Joselia (our host teacher) seemed to think it was just the norm. Never could get an answer to why things were so uncared for.

Made it to the coast - SOMEHOW - guess God was watching over us - This was an interesting experience. On the way to the coast I noticed so many unfinished buildings and many, many examples of what we would consider poverty. Literally mud brick huts w/thatched palm roofs - but satellite dishes outside each! When we got to the coast - building after building were dilapidated and unfinished. Felt as if I was on the set of Mad Max - post apocalypse film.   The beach was nice and not very crowded. I walked for an hour down the beach enjoying the moment and still happy I was in one piece :).

Saturday June 16th - We set off on a harrowing journey to the coast of Piaui - I have lots of pics to add to this post. The harrowing part of the day was the driver!! I kid you not - he drove an average of 90-100mph the entire time!!!! I had visions of carnage, but somehow we made it. When we did slow down (because in Brazil the government puts massive speed bumps on the road as you approach any town or village - thank God!!!) I took lots of images from the window of the death mobile. Scenes from a car!!!
Finally catching up on My BLOG - our week in Terezina was so crazy and days were so long I had little time or motivation to stay on top of the blogging.

Friday June 15th was my birthday eve and that night my new Brazilian friends - Super mario and Cristian - I have two new friends for life!!!