Sunday, July 1, 2012

 My teaching partner - Noah - catching a nap on the beach. Wish I could do that!
 Walking to the beach - still perplexed at the condition of the buildings and roads - Joselia (our host teacher) seemed to think it was just the norm. Never could get an answer to why things were so uncared for.

Made it to the coast - SOMEHOW - guess God was watching over us - This was an interesting experience. On the way to the coast I noticed so many unfinished buildings and many, many examples of what we would consider poverty. Literally mud brick huts w/thatched palm roofs - but satellite dishes outside each! When we got to the coast - building after building were dilapidated and unfinished. Felt as if I was on the set of Mad Max - post apocalypse film.   The beach was nice and not very crowded. I walked for an hour down the beach enjoying the moment and still happy I was in one piece :).

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