Monday, June 2, 2014

First Day in Normandy 

 D-DAy cheese :) gotta love France!!
 We stopped at the Welcome center near Charlotte to pick up some more vets - they are so excited

 The view from the balcony of where we are staying - I will post lots more pics today
First day in Normandy - sorry the pics are out of order but I'm still a bit bleary from the flight and time change. Here I am with Cliff Dill or "pickle" as he likes to be called on the way over. He came in at 10 am on D-Day and was wounded twice but made it all the way to the Elbe river to meet the Russians. He's so animated and enjoys every moment. Its been so amazing to stand and listen to the stories. They are talking (the vets) to each other in a language that only those that were here and experienced what they experienced can understand.
Yes that is D-Day cheese!!! They take their Invasion fromage very seriously - going to eat it tonight with some awesome wine.

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